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Hucks News 2020

Welcome to the overview of the Hucks News in 2020!

(*News from 2012-2018 is coming soon)


6 Sep. 2020 - DM Beach 2020

The Danish beach championships in Ultimate was held in Hornbæk Strand, where we sent our Ladies team in action. The weather gave us the whole package of rain, heavy rain, a little more rain and at times the sun appeared. After last year's first place, the ambitions were set accordingly, but after an exciting semifinal against Spinners, which held all the way into universe-point, we unfortunately lost, and afterwards had to contend with a 3rd place. We are now looking forward to next spring, when the European Championships for club teams in ultimate on sand will be held in Portugal with our participation.

Apr. 1 2020 - CPH Hucks News Magazine - Spring Edition


CPH Hucks is launching a News Magazine!

We've been working on to promote our club and wonderful sport in a fresh new way, and this magazine is an initiative we are proud to present!


It's an upgrade of our 'Hucks News', normally posted internally in our club. But we thought, why not take it to the next level and share it with the Danish Ultimate community in a new way?


The News Magazine will be issued digitally 4 times a year, and will contain different articles like player profiles, past/upcoming events and more...! So get your copy today of the 1st edition of 'The CPH Hucks News Magazine' with an exclusive double front cover of our very own 'Starboy'!

Happy Reading!

(Click on the pictures for a link to the magazine)

Mar. 29 2020 - CORONA UPDATE


Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Denmark, all activities and practices in CPH Hucks have been suspended until further notice from the Danish Government & DFSU.

We will update our new Practice hours for our 2020 Outdoor season in the nearest future.

Thank you for your understanding Take care of yourselves out there.

Sincerely CPH Hucks

Mar. 8 2020 - Talent Tournament - DTU

Today Hucks new star talent + some awesome, more experienced coaches, took on some other rising ultimate players at DTU for a DFSU Talent Tournament.


With many great games we had crazy throws, fierce blocks and much more, learning a lot from playing with each other!


Hucks ended with a solid 5th place!

Also a lot of the Hucks Junior players showed up today playing with Zyborg United showing how awesome our young hucksers are


Thank you to DTU for hosting the tournament as well as 'breddeudvalget' for planning.

Feb. 29 2020 - 2. DM Round

Today was an awesome day for our Ladies & Boyz to be in action at the venue of DTU!


Although some results didn’t go our way, we still gave our best fight & spirit, we could give, resulting in a great amount of awesome plays, but also very tired legs now.

We were also excited to see our few next-gen ladies on the field, showcasing their potential, knowing well that they will be great players for us soon enough in the future.


Huge thanks to DTU for hosting a great event with music, coffee, popcorn and after-party!

Feb. 24 2020 - New Hucks Board

Yesterday, we had our annual General Assembly, discussing the past year’s events, finances and the upcoming events in 2020.

We also elected a new board for 2020, passing on the Hucks-torch to new & old players, who will do their best to keep our wonderful club as awesome and contributing to the Ultimate-community, as we always do.

And we can’t thank our 2019 Board enough for their hard work last year, as well as our coaches keeping our practices intensive and progressive!

But especially our players that organised ‘the Outdoor DM-Finals’ have our deepest gratitude, given everything they had to make sure that we all had a great weekend in Albertslund, both on & off the field!

Now, we look forward to an exciting 2020, gaining new fun memories and achievements in our team, and experiencing new projects and changes happening in Danish Ultimate!


See you on the field!

Feb. 6 2020 - School Olympics


We are part of the new collaboration with the School Olympics and are incredibly happy to have a local event happening at the Ryparken Sports Center on May 13!


We look forward to promote the sport to the local 7th graders!

Jan. 26 2020 - DIS Activities Fair


Representing Copenhagen Hucks at DIS!

This week we had another great evening talking Ultimate with the exchange students at DIS, and how fun!


Thanks to everyone we got the chance to talk with - hope to see you at practice;)

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us at this page and we will be right back at you!

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