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Membership Fees

Ultimate Frisbee in Denmark have 2 seasons during the year:

  • Outdoor Season: April - September

  • Indoor season: October - March

You can choose 2 types of memberships with Hucks, depending on whether you want to play for one season or both seasons. Below are the following memberships available:

  • 1 season / Half a year = 450 kr

  • 2 seasons / Full year = 750 kr


If you are under 20 years old , the following fees apply:

  • Junior - 1 season / Half a year = 350 kr

  • Junior - 2 seasons / Full year = 550 kr

If you are under 15 years old , we recommend you to contact KFK Rooters that specifically coach players under 15. For more information, click on this link for their website:

If you are a DIS Student, the membership fee is 550 kr for the semester.

* You have 1 month of free practices.

A 'Passive' membership with Hucks costs 50 kr, which mean that you can participate in social activities in the club, but not in sports activities.

Upon registration, please send an email with your Full Name & Birthday to our Treasurer, Marrije, for payment details:

Membership Content:

1 free Hucks Disc

Huck's Practices

DFSU activities

Tournaments abroad

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