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Hucks News 2019

Welcome to the overview of the Hucks News in 2019!

Dec. 10 2019 - Hucks News (Winter edition)

Read the latest news in Hucks here

Oct 19 2019 - Pancake event



Our new annual tradition at the start of the indoor season ...


Eating homemade pancakes together until we can anymore.


Should we save some for you?


Oct. 3 2019 - Burla Beach 2019

Two weeks ago we went to the Burla Beach tournament in Viareggio in Italy, where we had sent two teams to the Mix division and we ended up as:


- CPH Hucks - 11th place

- CPH Hugs - 16th place


And all we have to say is:


See you again next year Burla!

Sep. 16 2019 - DM Finals


First of all THANKS to the Municipality of Albertslund for letting us hold the Danish Championships in Ultimate at Albertslund Stadium.


THANK YOU to all of our fiery souls at Copenhagen Hucks who put in a lot of work to organize and coordinate. And not least THANK YOU to all the spectators who made their way past and cheered. We placed the following:

- The women's team finished in 2nd place
- The men's team in a 6th place
- Hucks2/FUK2 WINNING spirit in the 2nd division


After a well thought out final event and outdoor season, we now look forward to a trip to Italy here this coming weekend to play the final tournament before the indoor season starts.


Sep. 2 2019 - Beach DM 2019


This weekend, we attended the Danish championship in Beach at Hornbæk Strand in North Zealand.


In the final against Aarhus, our Ladies team won the beach championship at a Universe point!!

It was a incredibly cracy game, and we are incredibly proud of this achievement!


And as extra icing on top, our Open team won Spirit as well in the tournament!

What a cool prelude to the DM Outdoor Nationals in Albertslund!

Aug. 29 2019 - DIS Activities Fair


We attended the annual DIS Activities Fair to recruit American exchange students to play with us again.


Do you remember Freja for the event yesterday?


Find the group 'Hucks DIS 2019' on Facebook and she will post all information about the practices in that group.


Aug. 20 2019 - Mix DM


Last weekend we proved that we have an awesome mixed team at mix nationals. We had so much fun!


We'll continue our Monday mixed practices until end of September, so come out and play!

Jun. 29 2019 - Swedish Beach Championship


Hucks and friends came in 2nd place for the Swedish championships on sand!


Thank you for the invitation and for the host!

Jun. 24 2019 - Midseason


Yesterday there was a DM round (mid-season) in Odense, where Hucks sent both an Open team and a women's team. Overall for both teams, 6 out of 7 matches were won! Awesome!


We look forward to the next DM round in August and the final event in September.

It should also be mentioned that there is a rumor that on Wednesday the 26th, there will be a bold and fun junior training in Lundehusparken at.16:30 - 18:00


Do you know a child who is going to attend the festivities? Then you know where to send them.

May 18 2019 - Hucks Juniors



Are you looking for a sport with lots of team spirit, intensity and fair play? So join Hucks' new junior team for kids and teens!


- Lundehusparken between Keldsøvej and Lersø Parkallé.



- Monday and Wednesday at. 16:30 - 18:00 from May - October. (summer break in July)

Questions? Then write an email for more information to

Bonus info: The first 3 workouts you attend are for free!

May 12 2019 - Hucks players at EBUC


For the European Ultimate beach championships (May 6-11) in Portugal, 9 awesome Hucks players were playing on various Danish National teams.

- Open: 6th
- Lady: 4th
- Master Open:10th
- Master Lady: Silver!


Congratulations to all teams and players for their hard work and results at the tournament!

Apr. 5 2019 - Hucks Camp


This weekend we had our annual kickoff event for the outdoor season, Hucks Camp, at Lyngborgen.


You could safely say that it was another cool weekend, as it usually is each year, where we got to practice hard, got used to play on grass again, got to know each other better and had an amazing party!

Apr. 1 2019 - CPH Hucks Foodtruck


CPH Hucks is opening a ‘foodtruck’!

In an attempt to brand ourselves even further in Copenhagen

to get more new players to the club, we’re gonna try do it

on a completely different path... Through food!

Or more specifically... Asian Food!

Yes, you read that correctly! Asian food of any kind are available

on the streets of CPH, and we want to contribute to that!

It is the perfect gateway to get our name out there to spread the word of Ultimate Frisbee and our club. We believe that this weird combination is odd enough to generate enough curiosity to get the attention, we want to get on our wonderful sport.

Imagine giving out delicious portions of noodlesoup, whether it’s Pho or Udon, to every customer, and asking: “Have you ever tried to play Ultimate Frisbee?” Then imagine those customers telling their friends and family about these weird sportspeople serving them noodlesoups, and then start talking about some ‘round discs thrown to each other’..
That should do the job, right?


Our first step with this ‘Asian foodtruck’ is to test what kind of dishes, we would like to serve to our customers. 
So we’ll be setting up shop at the Outdoor DM rounds for now, where the players from the different CPH clubs can try it out, and provide us feedback and other ideas on how to improve our concept...
And if you at this point are still reading this post, then it’s obvious to say: ‘April Fool’s!’ 

Mar. 31 2019 - Indoor Nationals



Hucks were awesome at Danish Nationals  The men's Hucks 2 and the women's Hucks 1 won the spirit prize in the men's and women's division!

We are proud of the women's Hucks 1. Troughout Nationals they have proven you can be in the top of the women's division - even play in the final and still end up winning the spirit prize!  How many teams can brag about that? 

Hucks Men:
- Hucks 1 (1. division): 10th
- Hucks 2 (2. division): 4th


Hucks Women:
- Hucks 1: 2nd
- Hucks 2: 6th

We are also very proud of our own Klara and Freja , who won prices at the DFSU Awards 2018! Klara won for best female youth talent and Freja won for second year in a row for best female Spirit-player.

Next weekend is going to be even just as fun!

It's finally time for Hucks Camp!

Feb. 22 2019 - New Hucks Board


At our annual general assembly, we went through the previous year, looked at our finances, and elected a new board to take us through 2019.


We thank the outgoing board members for their hard work and efforts at the club over the years. We are deeply grateful for what you have done for the club.


We look forward to have an exciting 2019 with lots of cool activities ahead!

Feb. 21 2019 - Hucks at Furious 5


For the annual Furious 5 tournament in Odense, we sent 2 teams to compete for the prestige prize.


Note that our men's team called themselves 'Man'chest'hair United' with cool jerseys to show off.

Jan. 28 2019 - GoThrow 2019

This past weekend we participated in the 3rd edition of ‘GoThrow 2019’ in Göteborg, Sweden.

A great weekend with amazing plays, cool party and incredible teamwork, where our team faced tough opponents with very close games to follow.

With a 14th-seed, we finished on 11th place, putting up a good fight and showing good spirit, and we leave the tournament with a great sense of pride, knowing the strong potential, we can have as a mixteam

Lastly, we wanna thank ‘La Bamba Frisbee Göteborg’ deeply for yet again hosting and organising this awesome tournament and doing such a good job each year! You guys rock!

13. Jan 2019 - Midseason


We had a great Sunday for Midseason in Odense today, where we had close matches, cool games and strong wins for our teams.


We couldn't have wished for a better weekend, despite the rainy weather.


We also hope that our players in the Danish mix country team had a good weekend in Poland for 'Warsaw Delight'.

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