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Hucks News 2018

Welcome to the overview of the Hucks News in 2018!


Apr. 13 2018 - Hucks has reached 1000+ Followers

We've reached 1000+ followers on Facebook!


We have celebrated this by creating these cool pictures of our very own 'starboy', Jesper, who lives and breathes Ultimate Frisbee in our club and national team!


We thank the photographer, Martin Dyg, a thousand times for shooting and editing these photos.


Follow him on Instagram @martindyg for other cool photos, he has taken.

Mar. 17 2018 - Freja - Spirit winner 2018

For the annual DFSU Awards, our very own Freja Bak won the award for this year's female spirit champion 2018.

She has been unique in the field of showcasing good spirit and teaching how to improve on it for both her teammates and opponents.

Congratulations to Freja! We are so proud of her!


Feb. 7 2018 - The Ideas for new Hucks shirts

When we decided to get new jerseys a year ago, we had different designs to choose from. The theme for them was 'Waves', refering to when a long Huck breaks through the air ...

The idea was to add our club name to the shirt. But in the end, we went with our previous diamond-shaped design for the new jerseys and upgraded it.

But look at the different designs that could have been our new jerseys ...


Jan. 29 2018 - GoThrow 2018

This weekend Hucks went to Gothenburg to take part in the cool indoor tournament, GoThrow!

We came, we played, we drank and partied to the best of our abilities, ending in the final match to avoid being last....

A big thank you to La Bamba and the rest of the GoThrow team for arranging such an awesome tournament.

Good work! We look forward to come back next year!


Jan. 24 2018 - DIS Activties Fair


Today, we attended the annual DIS Activities Fair to invite new American students to our practices.


With many interested players, we look forward to welcome them to our club.


Jan. 15 2018 - Hucks Christmas Lunch


This weekend we had our slightly late Christmas lunch in a cold January, where we ate good food, drank loads of snaps and had a good party.

We voted Mark Vu as our Huck'ser of the Year 2018 for his work on mix training, board work, 2nd team captain and general presence in the social community at Hucks.

We also had our first member in the new Hucks Hall of Fame, Christina Lehmkuhl Noer, who contributed so much hard work in the club as both player and chairlady.


Jan. 10 2018 - U24 Worlds in Perth!


Follow our cool players; Simone, Freja, Rikke and Jesper on their U24 Mix Worlds adventure in Perth, Australia.


We wish them all the luck 'down under'!

They are going to be playing some awesome games!

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